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Prob You The Keeper Colour Care Shampoo 1000ml

Product Code: D026291
Brand: Pro You
Product Tags: Barber, Hair, Shampoo Conditioner,
Category: Shampoo,
Type: Color Protection
Size: 1000ml

Revlon Professional Pro You The Keeper Color Care Shampoo. Color care shampoo for all hair types of colored hair.
Benefits :
Cleans without stripping color
Enhances shine and prolongs high-definition color
Protects color and prevents color fading
Acidic pH (4,5-5,5) helps close the hair cuticle - the color is better retained in the hair fiber
Helps improve the structure of colored hair
Color Defend - enhances shine, silkiness and prolongs high definition color preventing fading.
  • €11.99 (Ex Vat)