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Kemon Liding Energy Lotion 100ml

Kemon Liding Energy Lotion 100ml

Product Code: D329100
Brand: Kemon Hair Colour & Shampoo,
Product Tags: Barber, Hair Shampoo & Conditioner,
Category: Hair Thinning
Type: Hair Loss Treatment
Size: 100ml

Liding Energy Lotion, used in combination with Liding Energy Shampoo and Treatment, is an energising lotion that has been developed to help prevent hair loss. The formula contains ginseng, which has stimulating and toning properties, and caffeine, which promotes the reactivation of the skin's micro-circulation, acting effectively on the scalp and reinforcing hair at the root. This action improves the hair structure and promotes healthy, vigorous growth.
  • €11.99 (Ex Vat)

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