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American Crew New Detox Shampoo 1 Litre

American Crew New Detox Shampoo 1 Litre

Product Code: D026328
Brand: American Crew
Product Tags: Barber, Hair Shampoo & Conditioner,
Category: Mens Shampoo & Conditioner,
Type: Mens Shampoo
Size: 1000ml

Made to thoroughly cleanse, this dual action clarifying shampoo acts as a scalp exfoliant, as well as a hair detox, removing excess sebum and product build up. The silicon-free, vegan formula has a unique combination of essential nutrient-rich Manicouagan Clay and exfoliating Coconut Shell beads. It is also infused with our energizing, naturally certified American Crew Citrus Mint signature fragrance. Created for men with all hair types, the scalp will feel refreshed, and hair, soft and manageable.
  • €12.99 (Ex Vat)

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