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3 Deluxe Cream Developers

3 Deluxe Cream Developers

Product Code: D219067
Brand: 3D Deluxe
Product Tags: Hair
Category: Peroxide & Developer
Strength: 20 Vol
Size: 1000g

3DeLuxe Developer provides the hair with a lively, versatile and intense colour. It ensures a long lasting colour along with excellent coverage on grey hairs. Contains marigold extract and argan oil.

Creme Peroxide 10 Vol.
-To colour the same base tone hair
- To deepen colour (to darken)
- To give colour reflections
- To colour or tone hair that has
been pre lightened.
Creme Peroxide 20 Vol.
- To cover white hair
- To enhance reflections
- To lift natural hair colour up to 2
Creme Peroxide 30 Vol.
-To lighten up to 3 shades
- For resistant hair
-To enhance warm reflections
- Covers white hair translucently.
Creme Peroxide 40 Vol.
- For use with super lightener series
-To lighten up to 4 levels.