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Ship Shape Surface Cleaner

Product Code: D027009
Brand: Renescene Ltd
Product Tags: Nails, Hair, Essentials, Beauty, Barber, Essentials, Barbicide & Salon Hygiene
Category: Barbicide & Salon Hygiene
Type: Disinfectant
Size: 60ml

Ship Shape is a surface cleaner that's been specially formulated for hair salons to remove hair product residue (including hairspray) and adhesives. You can use it on your hard surfaces, your mirrors, even your appliances (it's safe to use even on straighteners).
Use it to:
Wipe down vinyl upholstery
Clean all hard surfaces
Bring a sparkle to chrome
Quickly clean porcelain basins
Polish mirrors and glass.
Ship Shape is phosphate free and won't leave any streaky residue. It comes in a 946-ml trigger spray or a trial-size 60-ml pump spray.