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Beauty International Lazer Tech Diode Lazer Machine

Product Code: D278000
Brand: Beauty International,
Product Tags: Equipment
Category: Aesthetic Equipment,
Type: Lazer Machine,

Beauty Internation Lazer Tech :
Diode Laser Hair Removal machines are the best technology in laser hair removal.
The basic working principle of diode laser hair removal instrument is based on biological effect. This product adopts the laser with the wavelength of 755 nm&808nm&1064nm for irradiation, which are particularly sensitive to the melanocyte of hair follicle with no damage to normal epidermis. The light can be absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft and hair follicles and is transformed into heat, thus increase the hair follicle temperature, when the temperature rose to a higher extent, the irreversible damage can be produced to the structure of hair follicle, thus, the damaged hair follicles can be removed after a natural physiological process, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.
  • €14000.00 (Ex Vat)

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